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"Dreams become Reality" with faith and hard work!

My Brand


Tinika B Love, LLC, company and brand is built on the mission to transform one person at a time and at the same time help change the world.  I have dedicated myself to live a purposeful life of spreading love. Through educating and empowerment, you will learn how to love yourself, how to genuinely love your neighbor, and ultimately love the world.  Love is the universal language that speaks to us all and it is how and when we receive the message that makes the difference. Through resilience, faith and dedication we all can be rewarded.

Who is Tinika?

All my life love was my purpose.  I gave it freely, I obsessed over it, I searched for it, and almost died because of it.  I was seeking it in everything and everyone except for in myself. So, when I hit my bottom and had to be reborn and rebuilt, it was natural to just B Love, but my name is Tinika.

Cooking With Love.jpg

Cooking With Love 


Tinika has finished writing her first book, a cook book, called, Cooking with Love: Lost the Battle, Won the War. Tinika's first book, Cooking with Love: Lost the Battle, Won the War is now published and can be purchased now. This will be a collection of recipes and stories that culminate an amazing journey for Tinika. 

Work With Me


Tinika started her Coaching Business, A Better You, which will help women grow, change and improve their lives through resilience. She is an advocate for women empowerment and plans on taking her message of love, family, relationships and resilience. What more can be said about Tinika B Love, she’s a walking miracle ready to change the world.

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